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Teriyaki Sauces for Retail as well as Restaurant & Food Service Providers

Medallion sauces was established in 1998 as provider of gourmet Asian sauces and marinades.

Medallion products are differentiated by our premium ingredients including aged fermented soy, fresh garlic, ginger and spices (versus the powders and dried spices used by other brands).

One taste of Medallion products will clearly distinguish our sauces above all others.

We specialize in a Teriyaki Marinade, Zesty Teriyaki Marinade (for a more spicy flavor), a thicker Teriyaki Glaze that can be applied at cooking time to attain a wonderful sweet outer coating, and an extremely unique Red Rib Sauce that is wonderful on pork or beef.

We produce both 8 fluid oz. bottles for retail sales as well as gallon jugs for restaurant and other food service providers.

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